Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Strange Lights in the Sky

Dr. Demented didn't stare at a screen. He didn't hear announcements on a speaker. Nor were robotic peons occasionally bringing him updates of the battles going on around him. He didn't need that.
He could feel the battles unfolding. Feel the curvature of spacetime as blows were struck and bodies moved. "Escaped," he commented. "Archivist, you have escaped." He considered what to do. He lost his train of thought. He considered again. He reached a conclusion.
Alex barged in, shattering the newly formed conclusion. "What're you doing?"
"Quiet! I to be thinking."
Alex paid no attention to the Space God's request. "What are you thinking about?"
The boy has curious, Dr. Demented thought. Is good for him. "New Archivist escape my minions. Careful planning ruined by bumbling idiots."
"Wait, you did the planning. You've transcended/forgotten the concept of time, and you did the planning."
"Mind is not what it could be. But is certainly more powerful than drooling Fortarian."
"Oookay. And, wait a second. What were you planning to do with her?" Alex cared about Lucy. He was a teenaged boy, and she was the only female he had every spoken to. And, like, they had totally connected.
"Individual? Not important. Goal to acquire power and knowledge."
"Wait, so what are you doing to her?"
"Not necessary. Poses risks."
"So, you are going to kill her."
"Unrestricted access to the Archives. Not possible if New Archivist functions."
Alex thought back to the New Archivist. To Lucy. "Wait, it you take the Archives, what you have left is-"
"I know who Lucy is," he said, pronouncing the name in some strange and foreign way. And, just to be clear, strange and foreign does not mean an Australian accent. It means an accent derived from the eldritch creatures who dwell near the event horizons of black holes. Just a linguistic lapse.
"So, you can let her live. Let her thrive without the New Archivist."
"Not possibility."
"Not possibility," the Doctor said again.
"Not possibility," Dr. Demented said, freezing Alex in place.
Alex began to move. He threw Dr. Demented across the room, through the wall, and into the empty depths of space. "Not possibility," the Doctor gasped.
"Oh, it's a possibility." And the battle commenced.

On Earth, people in North America were awoken by a bright red glow in the sky. Europeans saw a glow as bright as the mid-day sun appear and vanish within a few seconds.
Hundreds of new stars appeared. A few existing ones winked out, blotted by gigantic and vaguely luminous shapes, barely visible against the night sky.
Electrical appliances caught fire. Strange sounds were heard as the ionosphere was ripped to shreds. Every satellite on Earth died. So did every high-flying bird.
Airplanes lost power. Ships lost navigation. People who stared at the wrong part of the sky lost the ability to see.
The heroes were busy rescuing Cognis. I was busy fighting Mephistopheles. Astronomers were busy figuring out why every space-based telescope had failed. As a result, it took quite some time for people to realize that these strange lights in the sky were, in fact, two demigods locked in battle on the outskirts of the solar system. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Dr. Demented's armor was too tough! It was made of empty space, frozen in time. It was powered by the Time Key and an elaborate series of clockwork mechanisms. Alex had hit it with lasers, plasma, and particle beams. None had even the slightest effect.
That is to say, none had even the slightest effect on the armor. The Doctor inside had felt several gees of acceleration as his body was blasted by plasma. Nothing his reinforced flesh couldn't handle, but it was the best method Alex had.
He concentrated. Something began to grow from his chest. It was composed of uranium, beryllium, and several isotopes of hydrogen. He launched it at his former mentor. The nuclear bomb detonated just a few meters from the Doctor.
Alex counted the milliseconds as he saw the wave of heated gas and dust expand, approaching his enemy. He saw it slow down, reverse direction, and collapse in on itself. The Doctor spoke. There was no air in the empty space, but his ancient voice was still there in Alex's ears. "Such human weapons have no effect on me. If you wish to challenge me, do it. Otherwise, return to your room and whimper." No more broken English. The time traveler's mind was active.
Alex thought hard, and his body ripple, expanded, broke into pieces. Hundred of warships, loaded with everything from fusion bombs to antimatter, formed.
They charged towards the Doctor, explosions pushed him across space. Ships rammed him from all sides. Alex noticed the battle getting further and further away. It also looked... blue.
Only when he felt the tug of gravity did Alex realize he was being trapped in a black hole. Alex strained to escape.

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  1. Alex thought hard, and his body ripple, expanded, broke into pieces to Alex thought hard, and his body rippled