Saturday, December 6, 2014

The Doctor's Visit

Vera screamed. Dr. Demented rolled his eyes. "Any ideas for stopping me?"
"A few." I exerted one of my new powers, and teleported in between the two. I tried to punch the Doctor, but he had already teleported out of the way. The two of each us chased each other around the room. The air shook as he pushed it aside. My accelerated mind let me feel each appearance and disappearance. I felt I could control the power much better, with a minimal hardware upgrade. No time for that.
Hold on. What was I doing? It was foolish of me to try to physically position myself near Dr. Demented. What did my location matter to a teleporter? I used another of my new powers. A telekinetic vice gripped his insides. I threw him through a wall. Or, at least, I tried to. He seemed to be avoiding my powers. Negating them. How could he do that? I ran a thousand diagnostics. Charted the movement of energy and momentum. How could he nullify my telekinesis?
I blasted him with enough energy to turn a skyscraper to plasma. His armor absorbed it. I use Mephistopheles' power. Guess how effective that was. I tried to slam the black hole into his armor using telekinesis. It bounced off.
"It seems not to kill me now." Dr. Demented said. He froze me in place. Telekinesis far more powerful than my own paralyzed me. I found I couldn't teleport. How was that possible? I tried to use Raymond's power. Dr. Demented absorbed the radiation like it was nothing.
He strolled over to Vera. The woman stared at him. She tried to keep her face in a defiant look, but there was fear showing through. "Why are you doing this?"
"Because your boyfriend doesn't stop me."
"Please. Don't kill me! Don't you remember? We used to love each other. You can't do this."
"Don't remember you," he commented. "But you are my type." 
Vera tried to keep calm. "Listen. I knew you. Know you. You believed in yourself. More than you believed in anything else, you believed in yourself."
"She's right," I said. I couldn't move my mouth, but telekinesis let me vibrate the air to make sounds. "What could possible make me stop believing? Stop believing not only in myself, but in life, in science?" I was pretty sure I knew how he would answer. But it was worth a shot. Psychological warfare was the only weapon I still had available.
"Losing everything." Oh. I had thought he would reference Nimue specifically.
"You lost everything? Everything? You think yourself unfortunate? Do you know what I could give for your knowledge? Your power? And just as you are beyond me, so I am beyond our old human self. You might think you have nothing, but you once made everything out of much less."
"When have everything, lose it, realize is all meaningless. Is garbage. Why power important to you?"
"As a tool to gain knowledge. Imagine what I could learn with the resources of this planet."
"And how the knowledge help?"
"Well, it would give me power. The power to move to neighboring planets. I could figure out how to rearrange the solar system to my will."
"And you rearrange it to be laboratory. And use knowledge to be more powerful and conquer alien. And use alien knowledge to become more powerful still. Where it end, hm? Why it matter?"
"Where does it end? It ends when I know everything. When I can do anything. It ends when I say 'let there be light'."
The Doctor spat on the ground. "Would do better to stick to girl here. Not that is option." The Doctor addressed Vera. "Apologies. You are innocent casualty in my war against self." He touched her gently on the cheek.
It was a gentle touch, but it affected her like a cannonball. Her head was torn off. Her tattered body clattered to the ground. Even as the blood flew from her neck, Demented disappeared.

I was over her death before her head hit the ground. It wasn't hard. I simply decided to be over it. Set a program to delay excessive grief until Dr. Demented was killed. No need to get distracted by sadness.
The Doctor's next target would be Lucy. I had a day to save her. That seemed impossible. But I had done impossible things before. It it sure seemed like I would do impossible things in the future.    

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